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The Latest in 3D Laser Scanning Technologies

At Spearhead Design we are merging the experience of the tradesman and the virtual design of the draftsman. Bridging the gap between the engineered design and construction. Taking the engineered 3d model and utilizing it to the fullest in the construction process.

Our FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D is a high-speed 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation. The Focus3D uses laser technology to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes.


Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning Technology


Merges and transitions from 2D conventional drafting -> 3D Laser Scanning -> 3D Modelling from Laser Scan

– the laser scan is an actual representation of site conditions

– laser scan data is accurate to +/- 2mm

– creates a detailed record of assets

– the scan model becomes the base for future designs

– scanned data helps to update P&ID’s


Design, Co-ordination and Construction Benefits

– The scanned data becomes the base for new additions

– it is a useful tool for engineering design, layout and scheduling purposes

– better analysis of the engineered design

– interference checking

– shifts responsibility back to the engineering and design team

– allows for more prefabrication and modularization

– monitoring of the construction process

– virtual documentation (scans at a preset intervals)

– checking design against construction

– key areas can be captured (underground, inside vessels or areas with accessibility issues)

– quality control


FARO Scene Software / Web Server

A 3D laser scan of your building and/or equipment assets becomes a great coordination and visualization tool for collaboration with:

owners – engineers – designers – consultants – construction – team maintenance – field personnel

Creates confidence for everyone involved as it provides the ability to do your collaboration from a centrally located office to any of your remote or third party offices.

Free FARO Scene software available to view laser scans on your personal computer!
We host laser scan data for your work groups’ on-line collaboration. Ask for details


Benefits of including the 3d laser scan in the scheduling process are:

– the ability to utilize 4d schedule simulation models

– visualizing work break down structure (WBS)

– identifying critical paths for equipment

– responding better to design additions or changes (i.e. scanning equipment before it goes to site to make sure it is going to work)

– >helps with the overall reduction in turn around times


Less exposure to potentially dangerous site conditions:

– no hands on conventional measuring with scaffolding, ladders and tape measures

– having scan data greatly reduces or eliminates site visits for most of the design team

Assists in safety review and training of specific areas:

– personnel can walk through the facility via the 3d scanned data before actually going to site

– helps to simulate or visualize these conditions before work or maintenance is done thus reducing exposure

In the unfortunate event of an accident 3d scans can be used to investigate site conditions as they were.


Cost benefits of 3d laser scanning:

– inexpensive data capture compared to conventional methods

– reduced site visits

– human errors in field measurements are eliminated

– streamlined scheduling

– shorter shutdown times

– improved modularization and prefabrication

– changes in cad models utilizing scanned data are less expensive than field rework

– less rework.